Meteo Monitor for PWS

This application shows current and daily information from your Personal Weather Station like temperature, wind, gust, humidity, etc.

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Meteo Monitor for Personal Weather Station

Monitor for Ethermine

Monitoring application for checking you mining on Ethermine pool. Check your ETH & ETC mining on popular mining pool.

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Monitor for Ethermine pools

Meteo Monitor for CUMULUS

Meteo application for checking your realtime.txt data from your Personal Weather Station (PWS).

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Meteo Monitor for Cumulus Realtime Weather

Monitor for 2miners

Mining monitoring application for checking your mining progress and statistics information on 2miners Pools for all supported coins.

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Monitor for 2miners


Simple tool for detecting your public IP address. You can check IP address owner (reverse IP lookup), if your IP address is on public blacklist, your geolocation, etc.

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IP address Geo Location Lookup and whois

System Monitor for ethOS

Hardware monitoring application. Check your Linux system values like temperature of GPU, sysload, power management etc.

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Monitor for ethOS linux

Solar Power Monitor

This is unofficial and testing application for checking your actual values from your PV Solar Inverter.

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Solar Power Monitor

Tools 4 Monitoring
Internet of things (IoT), data visualization, hardware monitors, API processing.

Monitoring tools for mobile devices. Android, Apple iOS

Internet of things

Talk to your devices, listen to them! Check their mood. IoT are coming.

Hardware monitor

Check your hardware, sensors, webcams and other devices.

Data visualization

We can process your data into a visual form like charts, graphs etc.


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